Range Tesla Model Y considerably higher than expected

The Tesla Model Y, which will be delivered to the first American customers sometime in the coming months, has received an official EPA rating. The estimated range is considerably higher than initially stated.

While the great selling success of the Model 3 here in the Netherlands is still fresh in our minds, we are already looking forward to the arrival of the Model Y. With that wider alternative to the Model 3, Tesla naturally hopes to attract large groups of buyers again. If we are to believe the first official reach measurement from America, the Model Y will be an attractive story. The EPA rating, the American counterpart of the WLTP, comes to a maximum range (at the Long Range RWD) of 504 kilometers. More than the earlier estimate of 448 kilometers.

Overall, the WLTP often comes out higher than the EPA measurement. According to Electrek calculations show that the range according to the WLTP cycle is on average 1.12 times as high as with the EPA. In that case we can bet for the Model Y on roughly between the 560 and 570 km range according to WLTP. That is considerably more than the 505 km WLTP estimate that Tesla has come up with up to now. Tesla indicates that the energy efficiency of the Model Y has improved in recent times and that the improved range can be traced back to that. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) agrees. It has now officially included the 504 km range in its database.

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