Recognize (garden) birds for free online

Recognize (garden) birds for free online

The Bird Protection has two fun free courses to learn to recognize or recognize birds. They can be followed online.

They fly to and fro in your garden or on the balcony. But which birds are they actually? Many people still know how to distinguish a pigeon from a sparrow, but is that little one a great tit or a blue tit? De Vogelbescherming offers two free online bird courses. One is about garden birds, the other about Dutch birds in general.

Nico de Haan and Camilla Dreef put together the course. Nico is a well-known bird watcher who worked for the Bird Protection for almost thirty years. Camilla is a bird researcher and ornithologist. The courses consist of several lessons full of facts and tips to get to know (or recognize) the animals. You test the acquired knowledge through short quizzes.

on the site of the bird protection contains more information about the courses. You can also register via the website. Do you know the name of a bird, but not the sound it makes? Then a visit to worth the effort. You can hear the sounds of almost three hundred bird species.

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