Refresher for Ford F-150

Tougher nose, smarter tailgate

Ford F-150Ford F-150Ford F-150Ford F-150Ford F-150Ford F-150Ford F-150Ford F-150Ford F-150Ford F-150Ford F-150Ford F-150Ford F-150 Ford F-150

Ford F-150

Ford examines the fourteenth generation of the Ford F-150, launched in 2020. The updated F-150 has a bolder nose, a new, smart tailgate and upgraded technology.

We write it often, but the popularity of Ford’s pickups in the US can hardly be overestimated. By 2022, Ford will sell 650,000 F-series models in the US alone, of which this ‘light’ F-150 will contribute a huge share. 2022 was therefore an exceptionally bad year, because there are usually several hundred thousand more.

It is therefore not surprising that Ford does everything it can to keep its extremely popular ‘truck’ up to date and therefore competitive. This is now happening with the first major ‘refresh’ of this generation, which arrived in 2020 for ‘model year 2021’. The ‘2024’ F-150 stands out most with its new nose. The still vertical headlights have been shortened somewhat at the bottom and therefore no longer protrude below the grille, except for the part at the extreme corners. The grille itself also has a different shape, with less rounded sides. Of course there is also a new front bumper.

Ford F-150

Spot the differences: Pre-facelift Ford F-150 above, new one below.

Ford F-150

What remains is that there is a huge optical difference between the different versions. With an SXT everything is black and there are headlights with striking orange daytime running lights, with a Lariat Ford paints almost everything in body color and with the Platinum we see a lot of chrome, although an optional ‘black appearance package’ can undo all that. The F-150 is also available as Tremor and XLT. As usual, the coolest version is the Raptor, an extra wide, extra high and extra fast version that is great for ‘sand dune bashing’. Or taking your children to school, of course.

At the rear we spotted new (of course LED) taillights. Ford is also joining the battle for the smartest tailgate, which has been raging in pick-up land for some time. Ram has the ‘Multifunction Tailgate’ that opens downwards or to both sides, Genaral Motors has a ‘MultiPro Tailgate’ that can open downwards in several sizes and also serves as a step. Ford also already had a step, but now adds the ‘Pro Access Tailgate’ to that list. The flap, which still basically opens downwards, has a ‘door’ in the middle that can be opened separately and at different angles. The idea is that you can also access your stuff if there is a huge trailer behind your F-150. Moreover, this door gives you deeper access to the container, because you do not have to reach over the open tailgate. The Pro Access valve is optional, so a regular ‘tailgate’ is also still available.

Ford F-150

Underneath the skin it is noticeable that the 2.7 Ecoboost V6, previously optional, is now the standard engine. The 3.3 will therefore be cancelled. Now 2.7 liters in the US is a volume that is more associated with a coke than with an engine, but with 325 hp, the twin-turbo engine was already quite powerful before the facelift. With the update he gets some more power, although Ford does not report exactly how much. The F-150 is also available with a 3.5 Ecoboost, a 5.0 V8 and a 3.5 Powerboost Hybrid. Ford wants to increase the share of the hybrid version in the sales mix and is therefore making it as expensive as the normal 3.5. The Raptor is available with a special ‘high-output’ version of the 3.5, or with an extra powerful, 5.2 liter V8.

Ford F-150

Ford F-150 Raptor

The interior of the F-150 is also available in all kinds of variants and designs. Technologically, the pickup is up to date with the installation of a standard 12-inch touchscreen, which is accompanied by a 12-inch digital instrument cluster that is also standard. As usual, the F-150 is available with a short ‘Standard Cab’, a slightly longer ‘Super Cab’ and as a ‘Supercrew’, with full-fledged rear doors and an extremely spacious back seat. The cargo box is available in three lengths and can handle up to 1,113 kg depending on the version. The towing capacity is at best 6,123 kg.

We have not yet seen the electric F-150 Lightning in facelifted form. That’s not surprising, because this version hasn’t been around that long and already has its own nose and a modified interior. The Ford F-150 is not officially listed on the Ford Netherlands site, although there was once talk of the Lightning being delivered here in small series. Bottom line, it doesn’t matter much, because the gray import is more than happy to bring an American pick-up to Europe for you.

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