Refreshment in the compact segment

Hyundai i10 Facelift 2023

The compact segment is refreshed. Half of all models in this Lease Top 10 are getting a facelift or have just undergone one. Manufacturers can implement a facelift for various reasons. We have listed a number of them for you:

The eternal struggle to stay relevant

In the dynamic world of cars, relevance is crucial. Cars that were groundbreaking a few years ago may now seem outdated. A facelift offers car manufacturers the opportunity to keep up with the competition and remain relevant in a busy market.

Changing design language

Design trends are as changeable as the weather. What is considered modern today may be outdated tomorrow. A facelift allows car manufacturers to integrate new design elements and give their models an attractive appearance that matches the prevailing design language.

Technological advancement

Cars are updated not only because of their appearance, but also because of the underlying technology. A facelift can include technological improvements, such as advanced infotainment systems, safety systems and more environmentally friendly drive options, bringing the car back up to date.

Cost-saving alternative

Rather than going through the entire manufacturing process again to create an entirely new model, a facelift can be a cost-effective option. It offers car manufacturers the opportunity to extend the life cycle of a model and make optimal use of the investments in the original design.

The basis for this Lease Top 10 is the number of commercially registered cars over the past two quarters. You will find the complete overview and the different price categories on the VZR Lease Top 10 page.

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