Renault comes with concept car with hydrogen engine

Renault concept teaser

Renault has an interesting concept car in the pipeline for next spring. We don’t get to know much about it yet, but the drive ensures that we are on the edge of our seat.

Renault wants to take major steps with alternative propulsion, because by 2030 the entire range must be fully electric and no fewer than nine new EVs from the Renault Group will be on the market by 2025. Hydrogen plays a modest role in this. The French mainly focus on hydrogen in the delivery van market. Think of the Master Hydrogen, which comes in different shapes and sizes. It has a conventional fuel cell on board. Now, however, Renault is talking about a car with a ‘hydrogen engine’.

The still unnamed concept car, of which we only get to see the front in a shadowy photo, according to Renault, is the embodiment of various themes: ‘environment, safety and inclusion’. The car “…embodies the decarbonisation process of Renault Group and the Renault brand, as well as advances in circular economy, recycled and recyclable materials.” We can therefore expect a study model in which Renault shows its best side on many fronts. It is somewhat reminiscent of BMW’s approach with the BMW i Vision Circular.

We are especially curious what Renault means by ‘hydrogen engine’. There is no mention of a fuel cell, so for the time being it really seems that Renault is also thinking about a fuel engine that runs on hydrogen. In that case, the French would join a group that has remained fairly exclusive until now and sees a future in this. Toyota is the only major car manufacturer that has dared to do so until now and managed, among other things, to run the 1.6 of the GR Yaris on hydrogen. Yamaha is also working on behalf of Toyota to convert the 5.0 V8 of the Lexus RC F into a hydrogen V8. Already more than 15 years ago, BMW already came up with a V12 that could run on hydrogen in addition to petrol.

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