Renault Mégane hatchback also comes as a plug-in hybrid

Renault is expanding its (plug-in) hybrid offering. The Mégane hatchback also comes as an E-Tech plug-in hybrid, the Captur comes as a plugless E-Tech hybrid.


While all eyes were on the interesting Renault Mégane eVision Concept, Renault also had news for a number of models already on the market. Following the Mégane Estate, the hatchback is now also available as an E-Tech plug-in Hybrid. As with the Estate, the 1.6 four-cylinder petrol engine is assisted by an electric motor that draws its power from a rechargeable 9.8 kWh battery pack. The system power is 160 hp and the Mégane hatchback is 50 kilometers away fully electric (WLTP). The car will be available in the course of next year.


At the same time, a plugless hybrid variant is on the way for the Renault Captur. The Captur is already available as an E-Tech plug-in Hybrid, but the E-Tech Hybrid is also added. The 1.6 petrol engine is supported by an electric motor, bringing the system power to 140 hp. In addition, the 1.3 TCe gets mild hybrid technology on board. A 12 Volt start-stop system should reduce the consumption and emissions of the second stage in the engine range.


Finally, Renault announces the precise engine specifications of the all-new Renault Arkana. As already known, it will be introduced directly as E-Tech Hybrid when it is launched on the market. In that case, the Arkana has the same powertrain on board as the Captur E-Tech Hybrid mentioned above. A 1.6 petrol engine receives electric acclaim and has a system power of 140 hp at its disposal. In addition, the Arkana is also available as TCe 140 and TCe 160. Both with a 1.3 petrol engine with 12 Volt mild hybrid technology on board.

Precise performance figures and prices of both the Mégane and Capturs mentioned will follow at a later date. All will be released in the course of next year.

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