Renewed BMW i4: barely more expensive and now also available as xDrive40

Now also all-wheel drive without M Performance hardware

BMW i4BMW i4BMW i4BMW i4BMW i4BMW i4BMW i4

BMW i4

The electric BMW i4 recently went under the knife at the same time as the alternative with combustion engines – the 4-series Gran Coupé. AutoWeek can now tell you the prices of the tightened BMW i4, including the brand new engine version called xDrive40.

You have to look pretty closely to distinguish the facelifted 4-series Gran Coupé and i4 presented in April from the pre-facelift versions. You can mainly recognize the updated BMW i4 and 4-series Gran Coupé by their sharpened headlights. While updating the i4, BMW immediately introduced a new engine version of that EV. It is called xDrive40 and is the only four-wheel drive variant that – unlike the M50 xDrive – is not an M Performance version. AutoWeek has the prices of the updated BMW i4 and also those of the new i4 xDrive 40.

The entry-level version of the BMW i4 is, as before, the eDrive35. The 286 hp rear-wheel drive has a 66 kWh battery pack (net) and can travel up to 483 kilometers without recharging. After the facelift, the BMW i4 eDrive35 is a modest €363 more expensive than before, which gives the BMW i4 a new starting price of €59,728. One step above is again the i4 eDrive40. That is also a rear-wheel drive, but one that, with 340 hp, is a lot more powerful than the eDrive35. It also has a larger battery, a package with a capacity of 80.7 kWh (net). The eDrive40 remains the i4 with the longest range. He notes a maximum range of 590 kilometers to his name. The i4 eDrive40 is also €363 more expensive than it was and now changes owners from €63,358.

i4 xDrive40

The gap that previously existed between the eDrive40 and the all-wheel drive M50 xDrive is filled with the new xDrive40 engine version. The BMW i4 xDrive40 is the only all-wheel drive i4 that is not an M Performance variant. It has two electric motors with a combined power of 401 hp and 600 Nm and has the well-known 80.7 kWh battery in the bottom. He notes a range of 548 kilometers to his name. The BMW i4 xDrive40 costs at least €65,899 (tax: €64,614). The new engine version is therefore €2,541 more expensive than the eDrive40, but you get four-wheel drive and 61 hp extra. The 544 hp and therefore four-wheel drive i4 M50 remains the absolute top version for the time being. After the facelift, it is €1,210 more expensive than before and now costs €77,999.

Here you can read more about the facelifted i4 and 4-series Gran Coupé. Important note: the above new prices have not yet been confirmed by BMW and are based on the new fiscal starting prices revealed by AutoWeek (excluding preparation costs) to which we have added the preparation costs that amounted to €1,285 for the facelift.

Prices BMW i4 – May 2024

Motor version Assets Drive Battery (net) Range From price*
i4 eDrive35 286 hp – 400 Nm Behind 66 kWh 483 kilometers €59,728
i4 eDrive40 340 hp – 430 Nm Behind 80.7 kWh 590 kilometers €63,358
i4 xDrive40 401 hp – 600 Nm Front and back 80.7 kWh 548 kilometers €65,899
i5 M50 544 hp – 795 Nm Front and back 80.7 kWh 520 kilometers €77,999

*= New prices calculated by AutoWeek including preparation costs. Not yet confirmed or communicated by BMW.

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