‘Rental car in popular holiday countries expensive or unavailable’

‘Rental car in popular holiday countries expensive or unavailable’

There is a severe shortage of rental cars in many popular holiday destinations. As a result, renting a car is sometimes simply not possible or very expensive.

A rental car on holiday has become a scarce commodity. Due to a ‘perfect storm’, cars are outrageously expensive or simply out of stock, writes The Telegraph. “This is especially the case on islands. Ibiza, Mallorca, and so on. Take CuraƧao and Bonaire, there is almost no car available before the Christmas holidays. But it plays in almost every sunny destination,” says Suzanne Al of Sunny Cars. the newspaper.

An employee of the car rental comparison site Easy Terra confirms the situation: “That’s right, it is very difficult in many places. That is a real problem.” Precisely in times of corona, people value a rental car, because they avoid public transport in holiday countries. It is also expected that the perils will continue for a while. “Book on time and there is a good chance that you will pay more,” acknowledges Annelies Tichelaar of the ANWB. The service also had to respond to the shortage last summer, because people are given rental cars as replacement transport.

The scarcity is probably due to the global chip shortage, among other things. This also led to problems with the availability of rental cars last spring, although the expansion of fleets was also postponed due to the corona crisis.

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