Research: ‘Samsung Galaxy S22 quickly loses value second hand

Research: ‘Samsung Galaxy S22 quickly loses value second hand

The new S22 top devices have already lost a large part of their second-hand value in the first months after their launch, according to an American survey on the second-hand value of the phones in the US. There, the phone lost up to more than 50 percent of its value.

Samsung Galaxy S22 used value

Anyone who bought a phone from the Galaxy S22 series this spring has already seen the second-hand value of his phone decline sharply. At least that is the case in the United States, according to a study by SellCell, which is a platform that connects consumers with all kinds of websites that take over your phone for a certain amount. The price that companies there are willing to pay for a second-hand device from the S22 series has shrunk to more than 50 percent.

It is primarily the Galaxy S22 Plus that has seen its value decline the most at 57.5% and the base model has fallen in value the least at 39.9%. SellCell also compared the change in value of the S22 series to the price evolution of the Pixel 6 and iPhone 13 series. It is noticeable that the Pixel 6 devices retain their value better and especially compared to the iPhone, the difference is remarkable. Certain variants of Apple devices have fallen in value by just 4.7% and the 512GB version of the iPhone 13 dropped the most by 33.1%.

Android loses value faster

Once again it is important to underline that this research took place in the United States and the value of these phones may therefore differ in the Netherlands and Belgium. We don’t have any pre-owned value figures for the S22, Pixel 6 and iPhone 13 series available with us. It has been known for some time that Android devices lose their value faster on average compared to iPhones.

Do you ever worry about the second-hand value of your current smartphone, or do you also choose a new device based on its resale value? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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