The promise of Quick Access Popup is simple: give your frequently used programs, folders, and other items you use often (like shortcuts) a place under the right mouse button.

By: Dennis Gandasoebrata

Sometimes Windows does not include a function even though there is a need for it. The makers of Quick Access Popup must have thought this too. The promise is simple: with this app you can place frequently used programs, folders and other items you like to use (such as shortcuts) under the right mouse button.

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The software is mainly aimed at users who are looking for convenience: with a little skill you can also give favorite items a place in the right-mouse button menu via the Windows registry. Still, Quick Access Popup offers some other features. This way you can create subfolders and collect multiple related apps in them. The app also gives you right-click access to items you’ve cut or copied. In addition to accessing items, the right-click menu also allows you to perform other actions, such as restarting the computer.

To get started with the software quickly, you can use predefined locations and actions and put them in the right-click menu. For example, the program itself already offers 50 Windows system locations as candidates, but you can also open documents by default with specific parameters, for example in combination with Office documents. On the makers’ website you will find a considerable amount of documentation in which you can read about the available functions.

Product: Quick Access Popup www.quickaccesspopup.comPCA stars 4 5 334

4 and half stars

Platform: Windows 11

*Suitable for beginners and advanced users
* Quick start with predefined options
* The registry gives advanced users more control