Review smart air conditioning from Action: cool your home during the summer via your iPhone

With the Action’s smart air conditioning you no longer have to sweat during the hot summer days, but how well does the device work? We tested it for you.

Plus points

  • Sleek design

  • Control via app

  • Cooling


  • Pricey

  • Drain hose (too) short

  • No Dutch app


Mobile smart air conditioning from Action

Do you enjoy the warm Dutch summers, but are you still looking for a little more cooling indoors? Then you will quickly end up with a mobile air conditioner. The Action currently offers the smart air conditioning from Tristar. The device has three settings, allowing you to cool, dehumidify and ventilate. According to Action, these functions should allow you to combat the heat in rooms up to 100 m3 during hot summer days.

Also useful: the smart air conditioner has an app with which you can operate the device. You get the smart air conditioning 299 euros at the Action, there is an additional 29.99 euros in delivery costs. A considerable amount, but you often pay more for a mobile air conditioner with the same functions. The big question: is this Action air conditioning worth the money? We list the plus and minus points for you! View the Tristar PD 3821 Air Conditioner here:

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Installation of the air conditioning

You can only order the smart air conditioning online from Action. The device is delivered directly to your home, which has both an advantage and a disadvantage. At 29.99 euros you pay a lot for delivery costs, but at least the air conditioning is delivered directly to your home. That is also allowed, because the device weighs no less than 32 kilograms. It is therefore not an unnecessary luxury to have the device delivered to your doorstep. Fortunately, moving takes a lot less effort due to the wheels under the device.

Installation is then done in no time, it is just a matter of removing the plastic and plugging it into the socket. The air conditioner comes with a window cloth that you can attach to the frame with Velcro. In the beginning, you have to figure out where you want to place the air conditioner and to which window frame you can best attach the cloth. Once found, installing the window cloth is easy and self-explanatory.

You can then connect the hose to the back of the Action smart air conditioner, and attach the other side of the drain hose to the window cloth. This way, the hot air is blown outside, without a lot of warm outside air coming back in. The air conditioner must be relatively close to the window, because the supplied drain hose is on the short side.

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Connecting to the app is quick, you have to tap the WiFi symbol on the air conditioner’s touchscreen for a few seconds. The device will then automatically appear in the free app. You don’t have to make much effort to do this, it can be added within a few seconds. The only disadvantage is that the app itself is partly available in Dutch, but the air conditioning menu is only displayed in English.

Operate Smart air conditioning from Action

The Action’s smart air conditioning can be operated in three ways. You tap the touchscreen on the air conditioner itself, use the remote control with supplied batteries or determine the settings via the app. In the free application you can choose all functions that can also be seen on the touchscreen of the device. Very handy, so you can adjust the air conditioning mode directly from your phone.

The controls are self-explanatory, provided you study the English terms in the app carefully. The touchscreen of the Action’s smart air conditioning also has an English description. The instructions for use do provide a Dutch explanation. Furthermore, the touch-sensitive screen of the air conditioning works properly, the device responds quickly when you ‘press’ a button. The same applies to the remote control, which also does what you expect.

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Use of the smart air conditioning

With the Action’s smart air conditioning you can choose from three different modes: fan, dehumidify and cool (ventilation, dehumidification and cooling). With the second and third functions, water is collected in the device, so you have to empty the reservoir every so often. This of course depends on the frequency in which you use the device; a light will automatically come on when the water tank is full.

We used the Action’s smart air conditioning for a shorter period, after which the reservoir was far from full. So it seems like you only need to do this once in a while, which is normal with portable air conditioners. Water is easily drained via the drain hole at the back. You will then have to place a container underneath to catch the water. The wheels under the unit allow you to easily move the air conditioner from room to room.

Furthermore, the Action smart air conditioner has all the functions you would expect from an air conditioner in this price range. The fan has three settings (high, medium and low), which you can adjust yourself via the app, remote control or air conditioning. We noticed that the fan setting is very dependent on the room you are sitting in. In smaller rooms, the lowest setting is often sufficient, as the highest setting is also really loud.

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Cooling rooms

The most important thing, of course, is to what extent the Action’s smart air conditioning actually cools the room. We can be brief about this, because the device definitely provides a decent air flow in a room. The fan has enough settings to provide fresh air. Do you really want a cold room? Then the score cool recommended. Logically, the air conditioning cools a smaller room better than a large room, but the temperature difference is clearly noticeable in both.

When cooling, you can set the temperature yourself and that works well. You can hear the air conditioning during cooling, but this is not (too) loud or disturbing noise. A hum can be heard in the background, as is the case with any air conditioner. Also if the swingfunction is switched on, the sound of the Action’s smart air conditioning remains limited. That makes it a pleasant device to place in the living room, for example. Or to turn it on in the bedroom just before going to sleep.

The function dehumidify We tested it briefly, but we did not immediately notice a huge difference. The sleep function is useful, the device switches itself off after a certain time. This way you prevent yourself from getting sick because the air conditioning has not been on all night. In practice, the Action’s smart air conditioning was indeed switched off after a while with the sleep function. The other way around also works, you can turn on the air conditioning when you go home from work. This way you arrive to a cool(er) house.

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Smart air conditioning from Action: conclusion

The Action’s smart air conditioning has a large number of functions, and the app in particular is very nice to use. You can operate the device without any problems via the app on your iPhone. This is especially useful if the device is in another room, or if you are not yet at home. By choosing from three different modes, you determine how the room is cooled. Unfortunately, the Dutch version of the app is not (yet) available.

Installing and setting the smart air conditioning is very easy. The same applies to connecting with the free app. The advantage is that the device comes standard with a window cover, with which you can close the window properly. This prevents cold air from escaping outside or heat from coming in. The window cover can be quickly hung using the supplied Velcro, which you must attach to the frame.

All in all, it is a very good air conditioner that cools a room smoothly and without too much noise. That is of course the most important aspect of the device. The fact that the air conditioning works with an app and has wheels makes it even more pleasant to use. You pay a considerable amount for it, but you will quickly spend more money with most competitors. The Action’s smart air conditioning is therefore definitely recommended, especially if you don’t want to melt away on hot summer days.

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