Rolls-Royce comes with special Dawn

Rolls-Royce announces the arrival of the Dawn Silver Bullet Collection, a special edition of the homeless Englishman, of which 50 copies will be built in total.

Rolls-Royce comes every now and then with a new limited edition of one of its models and today the English also report that a special series is in the barrel, this time from the Dawn. Rolls-Royce will keep photos of the final cars under wraps. The brand does show a set of drawings showing at least something from the Silver eBullet Collection baptized series.

The Dawn Silver Bullet Collection is a car that, according to Rolls-Royce, breathes the atmosphere of the 1920s. The car is an ode to “decadence and frivolity”. The Ghost’s special series, of which 50 copies will be available, will include a dashboard finished with a special silver-colored paint and will be dressed on the outside with the Aero Cowling option, a leather-covered rear deck with two distinctive ‘bumps’ . That also means that the Dawn has to do without a back seat. Rolls-Royce also applies a set of dark details. For example, the Dawn gets dark headlights and black finish in the bumpers. Images of the final cars are not yet available at the time of writing.

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