Rusty Lake Paradise: A stark paradise for puzzle fans

The grim adventure series Rusty Lake returns with perhaps the most gloomy and spookiest part in the series. We explain why puzzle fans shouldn’t miss Rusty Lake Paradise.

Rusty Lake Paradise: Grimmer than ever

Fans of point-and-click adventure games are probably already familiar with the Rusty Lake phenomenon. This series of games made in the Netherlands has had an enthusiastic group of fans for years. This is mainly due to the mysterious story that connects the puzzles.

Rusty Lake Paradise

The puzzles that Rusty Lake Paradise fires at you are amusing in themselves, but the grim story about an island where you search for the cause of your mother’s death really holds you back. She passed away mysteriously, and since then the island where your family lives has been ravaged by ten plagues.

Look around you

You can solve these ten plagues by taking a good look at your game environment. The hand-drawn island is full of secrets that you will only discover if you perform the right actions. One minute you solve a puzzle by having a frog jump over lilies in the right order, and a minute later you collect several objects from the world to assemble a fishing rod.

Paradise is designed in such a way that in the beginning you always ask yourself what the hell the game expects from you. Only after logically thinking or examining your screen from pixel to pixel will you find out how to open that gate, or where you are going to get that key for the lock. This way the game can give you a clear direction without saying it out loud, and that is quite clever.

Rusty Lake Paradise

We will not reveal the story here, but it again fits perfectly in the style that the Rusty Lake games have increasingly adopted part by part. A nice extra is that the entire game supports the Dutch language. You can pick the game from the App Store for a one-time purchase price of 3.49 euros. For this you get the full game, without in-app purchases or expansions that you still have to purchase separately.

A complete product

That makes Rusty Lake Paradise again a nice complete product for both your iPhone and iPad. Although the drawn world and puzzles look great on an iPhone, we recommend playing the game on the larger screen of an iPad. Regardless of which device you choose: with Rusty Lake Paradise, many a train ride has flown by.

→ Download Rusty Lake Paradise from the App Store (€ 3.49)

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