Saab 900 T16S Aero: this is the Saab Turbo

Feels surprisingly modern

Saab 900 Turbo 16S Aero

As we recently wrote: if we can drive a classic Saab 900, we will seize that opportunity. Back then it was a pretty good version, now we take the T16S Aero.

For years, the Saab 900 was pretty much the car for advertising guys and architects. This strong image kept depreciation modest even after the production stop (1993). But due to the crisis, CO2 fetishism and the increasing need for maintenance, interest in the model declined. The same happened with the current value and then neglect lurks. Many 900s have fallen prey to the rust monster or are suffering from overdue maintenance. Fortunately, gems pop up every now and then, such as this 900 T16S Aero.

Saab 900 Turbo 16S Aero

The Talladega red body with the gray Aero skirts and the three-spoke alloy immediately make it clear what kind of meat you have in the cockpit; this is the Saab Turbo! This copy originally comes from Japan, has less than 75,000 km on the clock and has been rigorously overhauled. Of course, the car was converted to left-hand drive, but it didn’t stop there. The bodywork has been repainted and the cylinder head, clutch and gearbox have been overhauled.

Saab 900 Turbo 16S Aero

Take a seat on the leather seats and you will feel like you are in 1991. Turn the ignition key in the tunnel console and you are treated to that typical, hoarse starter motor sound, and then to the sonorous pop of the exhaust. Of course you take it easy for the first few kilometers, because this car smells and feels like new. The only thing that creaks is the leather of the seats. And although the dashboard is dated and the low windshield evokes memories of the sixties, this 900 drives incredibly modern. The turbo engine (185 hp) is smooth and the intermediate accelerations are smooth. The calmness with which this is done is impressive, even far above 130 km/h. The car is sturdy and steers well for its age. The presence of ABS, air conditioning and an electric sliding roof is also very pleasant. Of course the price is high, but just find a comparable 900. We would just replace the faded parcel shelf and have the dull rear fog lights polished, because they detonate a bit. All in all, this practical three-door is an ideal classic for everyday use, but it would actually be a shame to drive too many kilometers with it…

Saab 900 Turbo 16S Aero

This copy was for sale for €22,500 at the time of the test drive. That was several years ago, this copy will be available again soon with the same provider as then.

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