Sales of motorhomes have grown considerably

The sales of motorhomes this year are significantly higher than last year. Both new and used campers are traded more. The number of new motorhomes is already higher than in the whole of 2019.

While the sale of new cars has been hit hard this year, it is attracting a lot of motorhomes. Branch organization Bovag reports that in the first nine months of this year more campers have been sold than in all of 2019. To date, 2,200 new campers have been sold, compared to 2,074 last year, while the year is not over yet. This is largely due to the past quarter, ie the summer, in which a plus of no less than 78 percent was recorded compared to 2019. Used campers are also popular. Up to and including September, 11,237 went to another owner this year, 15 percent more than in that period last year.

Caravans are not running as fast, but there is also a cautious growth in sales. In the first nine months, 1.1 percent more new caravans were sold. The past quarter is again an important driver in this case: sales were more than 30 percent higher than last year in that period. According to Bovag, this corrected the initial blow, especially in the second quarter (-16 percent). It is even better for used caravans: with 12,238 units sold, the total number of used caravans sold is 6 percent higher than last year in the first nine months.

According to Bovag, the increased sales will have contributed to the fact that camping was seen by more people as an interesting ‘corona-proof’ holiday alternative. The coming period, however, will be a lot more uncertain, according to Bovag: “How the market for new motorhomes and caravans will develop in the near future is very uncertain. For many tourist areas in Europe, negative travel advice has now been applied, perhaps there are even stricter corona measures. on the way at home and abroad and consumer confidence and employment are under pressure. “

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