Samsung renews its largest SUV

Samsung is screwing together more than just Galaxy smartphones, televisions, refrigerators and washing machines. Samsung Motors is a branch of the company that actually produces complete cars. Samsung Motors is now making a facelift on the QM6, the largest SUV that it delivers in its home country of Korea.

Various Renault models known to European consumers are going through life in South Korea under the Samsung Motors flag. For example, the SM6 is in fact a Renault Talisman, the XM3 a Renault Arkana and the SM3 ZE is the electric sedan that was in the Dutch order books as Renault Fluence ZE until 2014. Samsung Motors is now implementing a minor update on the XM6. You guessed it, we also know that SUV from Renault. We are dealing with Samsung’s version of the Renault Koleos.

Samsung QM6 2016-2019

Samsung QM6 (2016-2019)

Samsung Motors added the QM6 to its Korean delivery range in 2016 and already gave the SUV a slightly revised muzzle last year. That modified Koleos becomes a rarity, just a year later, Samsung Motors simply renews the QM6 one more time. Incidentally, the facelift is not earth-shattering. The QM6 will get a grille with a different interpretation and the full-LED headlights on either side of it will also receive a different layout. The rear indicators are now ‘dynamic’ ones. Hold on tight: Samsung Motors will now stick a frameless rear-view mirror to the windscreen. The engine list of the Samsung QM6 includes a 2.0 petrol engine with 144 hp and a 140 hp version of the same two-liter which, in addition to petrol, also likes LPG.

Samsung QM6 2019-2020

Samsung QM6 (2019-2020)

Relevant for the Dutch consumer? Certainly not, but for the enthusiast of automotive curiosities it might be worth it.

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