Samsung will soon let you turn off Game Optimization Services

Samsung will soon let you turn off Game Optimization Services

Samsung has provided more information about the criticism surrounding the Game Optimization Services service. That would artificially lower the performance of apps on Samsung phones and Samsung denies that. Still, there will be a way to disable the service permanently.

Samsung Game Optimization Services

Last week it was discovered by South Korean Samsung users that their Galaxy phones contain an app that reduces the performance in other apps. Game Optimization Services (GOS), that’s their name. A whole list of 10,000 apps and games affected by CIS was leaked and it is striking that popular apps were also part of that list. The apps on that list would perform significantly less well due to the intervention of GOS, tests showed.

Samsung has already announced that it is investigating the matter and that it wants to roll out an update that gives users more options about how CIS works. Meanwhile, the tech giant is coming out with more information, because there is now a CIS FAQ page in South Korea.

‘Apps not affected’

This information shows that GOS primarily aims to make games work better on Galaxy devices and that users can achieve up to 10 frames per second more. At the same time, overheating must be prevented.

Samsung denies that it will also reduce performance in apps such as Microsoft Office, Google Keep, Instagram and Spotify – part of the list of 10,000 apps and games. The leaked database of apps and games, according to Samsung, serves as a system that allows Galaxy phones to quickly distinguish a game from an app when installed, but the performance of apps would not be affected by GOS, because GOS only affects the operation of games.

What about benchmarks?

Even if that statement is completely correct, it remains striking that there are no benchmark apps on the list. Benchmarks test the performance of phones and they are often used by reviewers. Samsung also has an answer to that question on its webpage about GOS, but that statement raises eyebrows: “A benchmark tool is not a game and does not come into contact with GOS”. If that’s true, the question remains why benchmark apps aren’t represented in the list as apps just like other well-known apps.

This is what Samsung will do

Samsung also announces that it wants to give users more control over GOS in an upcoming update. It’s only since last year’s One UI 4.0 update that Samsung users can no longer successfully disable GOS, but the company is considering reversing those steps. Samsung will provide an update for all Galaxy phones with CIS.

The company also states that if users choose to disable GOS, they can still use their warranty if their phone is damaged due to overheating. Previously, OnePlus was also discredited because it affects the performance of apps and benchmark apps. What do you think of Samsung’s statements? Does this reassure you? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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