Save energy costs with smart gadgets

Save energy costs with smart gadgets

We are going to save electricity costs! And ironically, there are all kinds of handy electronic devices for that. We introduce some of them to you, including smart plugs and a power bank that is charged by solar energy.

Voltcraft SEM6000 (3 pieces) (€70.99)

This set of three smart plugs can provide you with data about your energy consumption. You get an idea by looking at the color: green means that the connected device does not use much power. The redder the ring gets, the more the device consumes. The plugs can also be turned on and off via your smartphone and you can program all plugs via an app. The app also has an anti-burglary mode to turn lights on and off.

Buy the Voltcraft SEM6000 at

Philips Hue Smart Plug (€29.95)

The Philips smart plug is slightly more expensive than the competition, but of course fits perfectly into the Philips Hue ecosystem. If you use the Hue Bridge, you can program complex switches and coordinate all kinds of Hue products. At the top is an analog switch, the plug is suitable for all countries where type F plugs are used. In addition to the Netherlands, these are, for example, Germany, France and Spain.

Ecosavers Countdown Countup (€18.95)

Despite the appearance, this is not a normal 24-hour time switch, it is a device that can count up or down. This is useful if you want to charge your smartphone overnight and automatically block the power supply after an hour or if you want to switch a lamp on or off after a certain time. The product is only suitable for Dutch sockets, the device does not work in Belgium.

Smartify Smart Plug (€18.99)

A smart plug is useful if you want to know what the power consumption of the connected device is or if you want to switch devices on or off remotely. The plug automatically connects to your WiFi network, so you can operate the plug from anywhere in the world. The smart plug works together with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT Hub, so you can also control the device with your voice. You can see all the data in the Smartlife app.

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WBPINE Power Bank (€35.99)

If your workplace is by the window, consider a solar charger for accessories such as your smartphone or tablet. This way you can use these devices all day long at no extra cost.

This power bank has a capacity of 30,000 mAh and can therefore provide two 5 volt connectors with 2.1 amps each. You can also use the power bank outdoors and it has a small flashlight on board.

Russell Hobbs 21600 (€ 59,-)

To save electricity in your home, you need appliances that work efficiently. Electric kettles are energy guzzlers, but with the Russell Hobbs 21600 you can save up to two-thirds. Because the housing is made of glass and there are graduation marks on the outside, you can easily see how much water you need for your cup of tea.

The kettle has a removable filter that reduces limescale. The Russell Hobbs 21600 has a total capacity of 1.7 litres.

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