Science fiction series ‘For all Mankind’ is now free to watch on Apple TV Plus

For All Mankind of Apple TV Plus is back with a third season! To celebrate, Apple has a fun promotion. You can now watch the science fiction series partly for free. Read how to do that in this article.

Watch the first season of ‘For All Mankind’ now on Apple TV Plus

Do you not (yet) have an Apple TV Plus, but do you want to (legally) watch the acclaimed series For All Mankind to look? Good news! Now you can, and you don’t even need a subscription! Now more people can enjoy this science fiction series. Read in this article how you For All Mankind of Apple TV Plus for free and what the conditions are.

For All Mankind

How to watch ‘For All Mankind’ on Apple TV Plus for free?

To watch the sci-fi series, all you need to do is go to the Apple TV Plus app on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad and tap Play Free Episode. You can watch the first season completely for free. For this you must have a payment method, such as iDEAL or a credit card linked to your Apple ID. Want to see more of the series? Then you have to subscribe to the streaming service. You can do that below.

Subscribe to Apple TV Plus

The series is a realistic portrayal of humanity’s attempts to colonize the universe. This is of course very slow. No wonder seasons sometimes skip a decade.

The writer Ronald D. Moore is no stranger to the world of science fiction. That’s how he helped thirty years ago Star Trek and produced the cult show Battlestar Galactica.

Apple TV+ via chromecast

Watch for free on Apple TV Plus

Although there are many competitors on the market, Apple TV Plus has built up a nice name. This is what they did with football coach Ted Lasso (the service’s first big hit) and recently with CODA.

Apple TV Plus won an Oscar for this film earlier this year. This was the first film from a streaming service to win this prestigious award. In addition to films and series, Apple also has documentaries. For example, check out the dino series Prehistoric Planet with the voice of David Attenborough.

Do you want the new season of . in addition to the free first season? For All Mankind watch on Apple TV Plus? You can do this for free by taking out a seven-day trial subscription. Have you just bought a new Apple device? Then you get three months of free Apple TV Plus.

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