Self Service: Where is Apple’s DIY repair program?

Apple announced some time ago that you will soon be able to tinker with your iPhone more easily with Self Service. Apple would start selling parts for its DIY repair program. Unfortunately, it has been quiet around this environmentally conscious idea for a while. How did that happen? We’ll figure it out for you!

Self Service will be available in the US in early 2022

Last year, Apple announced the first step in an environmentally responsible manufacturing process with its Self Service program. Owners of iPhones and other Apple products can purchase parts and repair themselves using this service. We should see these Self Services in the US in early 2022, according to Apple, but unfortunately there’s no sign of life at all.

‘s website Apple Newsroom, where Apple shares all of their press releases, still tells us the same thing we heard a while back; ‘ in the course of 2022 Self Service will come to more countries’. This means it should be out soon in the US now, right? What happened?

Apple Independent Repair Provider Program

Here’s What’s Up With Self Service: The Directions

In fact, it is not yet very clear in which state Self Service is. We’re seeing all kinds of signs that things are going in the right direction, but Apple hasn’t provided us with an official update yet. We can already order (sort of) ‘spare parts’ for the Apple Watch. At least that tweeted a user when he opened the Apple Support app.

MacRumors discovered an internal memo stating that Apple outsources Self Service to a third party. In the same source we find a hint to posting repair manuals online. Hopefully these are a bit user-friendly. However, much is still unclear about the launch of Self Service.

Speculate about the delay of Self Service

However, we can somewhat imagine what this procrastination on Apple’s part is all about. The most obvious reason is the global shortage of raw materials for all parts of Apple products.

What would you choose if you were Apple’s CEO? Using these scarce materials and parts for repairs, or for new profitable products? We wrote before about the role that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine plays in this. Another reason is of an even more political nature; EU and US bureaucracy and regulations take a long time. It is and remains a tug-of-war. Then why would Apple rush?

Self Service

Europe is trying to change the telephone industry

For years, Apple has used all kinds of clever tricks to prevent consumers from fixing the iPhone themselves. Examples of this are the use of special screws and extremely strong glue. She also ensured that on some devices, when an iPhone is forced open, the software automatically switches itself off. For example, users lost Face ID after a third-party screen repair. With Self Service, Apple seems to be heading in a different direction.

The European Union is with the Right to Repair-movement is working hard to make equipment more sustainable. For example, a law is coming that provides universal charging cables. The US is also involved in this. It is therefore striking that they now want to step into the proverbial environmentally friendly boat with Self Service. An unexpected step, but a nice one. We say; Apple bring on those DIY repair kits.

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