Setapp on iPhone: this is how you install the first alternative app store

The first alternative app store for iPhone is coming in the European Union! Setapp can be installed on the iPhone from May 14. That is how it works.

Big changes in iOS 17.4

The first alternative online store is coming for the iPhone! Apple made major changes in iOS 17.4, because since the update it is possible to install applications that are not in the Apple App Store. This is the result of new European legislation, which requires Apple to relax the rules of the App Store. As a result, alternative online stores such as Setapp are allowed on the iPhone.

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The new European rules should give small developers a fairer competitive position vis-à-vis Apple. That is why, starting from iOS 17.4, you can choose which online stores you have on your iPhone. The update appeared a while ago, but there were no alternatives yet app stores available. That will change soon, because Setapp will be released on the iPhone on May 14.

Setapp is available

After the launch of iOS 17.4, MacPaw immediately indicated that it would develop a new app store for the iPhone. The company already has a similar version for the Mac, where you pay $9.99 (about 9.26 euros) per month and get access to more than 240 different apps. These applications are mainly aimed at professional use, so you can convert audio and video files, plan projects and write codes.

Now MacPaw has announced that Setapp is coming to the iPhone on May 14. It is not yet known when exactly we can install the new online store. Therefore keep MacPaw’s website Keep a close eye on it, because the new one will appear there soon app store. You can install Setapp on your iPhone via the website. You will then have immediate access to hundreds of apps, provided you take out a subscription.

setapp iPhone App Store

That’s how much you pay for Setapp on iPhone

That is the immediate disadvantage of Setapp, because you can only use the online store for a monthly payment. Are you not sure yet whether you will actually use the online store? Then you can first take out a free trial period of seven days. After that, you pay $9.99 per month for Mac or iOS, or you pay $12.49 per month to use Setapp on one Mac and four iOS devices.

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Setapp’s European prices are not yet known. It is quite possible that the new online store will do transactions in dollars, which will make European prices slightly lower. You can then install all apps in the online store for this amount. For example, you pay an amount every month for Setapp on the iPhone, but you do get access to hundreds of “free” apps. Do you want to know which other online stores are coming to the iPhone? Then read all about alternatives here app stores!

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