‘Several parties interested in Spyker trademark rights’

Several parties have expressed interest in the acquisition of Spyker’s trademark rights, says bankruptcy trustee Dennis Steffens of Spyker Services to Techzle. He no longer believes in the promises of Victor Muller and will actively continue the sale of the trademark rights next week.

The sale of Spyker’s trademark rights has been in the air for some time. In August this year, Steffens reached an agreement with Spyker CEO Victor Muller. “That was a good agreement that took a lot of work and energy,” said the curator over the phone. “He has signed it, but is not honoring his agreements.” Steffens describes how Victor Muller has kept him from taking further steps with new stories, including the sale of the trademark rights, which fall within the estate of Spyker Services. “The money was not in the account last night or this morning. Even today I have received e-mails with promises, but I have no faith in it anymore. The sale is actively continuing.”

According to Steffens, there is interest in Spyker’s trademark rights. He cannot disclose which parties have registered. “I notice that there is a lot of interest from both home and abroad to build Spyker cars. The trademark rights are still quite valuable,” says the trustee. A previously announced cooperation of Spyker with Russian investors seems to Steffens not very concrete. According to him, Spyker Ltd., the holding company under which Muller has placed the remaining business activities, is also in debt.

A dire situation

If Victor Muller loses Spyker’s trademark rights, he will no longer be able to build cars under that name. Is there still a way to save his skin? According to Steffens, there is only one way in which the entrepreneur can stop the sale. “If I come to the office on Monday morning and the money is in the bankruptcy account, the sale can be canceled.” With the proceeds from the sale of the trademark rights, the trustee expects to be able to pay Spyker Services’ debt, which amounts to more than € 800,000. Steffens would prefer to see the bankruptcy of Spyker in one case to pay all creditors with the proceeds, but for this he depends on the cooperation of Victor Muller.

Spyker’s bankruptcy is divided between two holdings: Spyker NV and Spyker Services. Last week, curator Willem Jan van Andel filed for bankruptcy of Spyker NV after Victor Muller did not keep his payment promises there either. The case concerning Spyker NV has been running since 2014. Spyker Services, the maintenance arm of the brand, went bankrupt at the beginning of this year and has therefore been running for a relatively short time. Spyker was not available for comment.

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