Smart #1: 310 kilometers of range now from less than €35,000

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Smart #1 Pure and Pure+

To date, you paid at least 37 grand for the electric Smart #1. The starting price of the #1 now drops by around €2,500 due to the arrival of a new version called Pure. Also new: the Pure+! AutoWeek can report this before Smart itself makes it public.

The Smart #1 could already be ordered in many versions. The most affordable #1 was the €37,395 Smart #1 Pro with a 47 kWh battery (net) and 272 hp electric motor on the rear axle. Above this are the Pro+ and Premium. They also have a 272 hp electric motor at the rear, but combine it with a battery pack of 62 kWh (net). At the top are the 368 hp and 428 hp four-wheel drive Pulse and Brabus and they also have the 62 kWh battery pack. Smart is now introducing two new versions: the Pure and the Pure+.

Smart #1 Pure and Pure+

Smart #1 Pure and Pure+: 18-inch wheels and no panoramic glass roof.

Just like the Pro, the Smart #1 Pure has the smallest battery pack, which means it has a 47 kWh battery pack. The Pure also has the 272 hp electric motor. However, it is less well equipped than the Pro and is therefore inferior in price. Its starting price: €34,900. This makes it €2,500 cheaper than the Pro, which in turn becomes €5 more expensive and now changes hands for €37,400. Unlike the Pro, the Smart #1 Pure does not have 19-inch wheels, but 18-inch lugs. In addition, it does not have a sliding rear seat and no panoramic glass roof. Things like adaptive cruise control with stop & go, automatic high beams, a 9.2-inch instrument cluster and a 12.8-inch central screen are included.

The second new version is called Pure+. This combines the standard equipment of the Pure and its 272 hp electric motor with the larger 62 kWh battery pack. It costs €39,900, making it a lot cheaper than the previously least expensive Smart #1 with the electric motor and battery. Previously this was the Pro+, which costs €42,400.

More Smart #1 news? Certainly. For example, the Smart #1 Premium becomes €505 more expensive, while the four-wheel drive Pulse has become €655 cheaper. However, the sporty top version Brabus will again be €1,505 more expensive than it was. Every Smart #1 now offers wireless Android Auto and Apple Carplay connectivity. The Pro and Pro+ now have an induction charger in the front as standard.

Awards Smart #1 – May 2024

Version Battery (net) Assets Drive Range From price
Pure 47 kWh 272 hp Behind 310 kilometers €34,900
Pro 47 kWh 272 hp Behind 310 kilometers €37,400
Pure+ 62 kWh 272 hp Behind 420 kilometers €39,900
Pro+ 62 kWh 272 hp Behind 420 kilometers €42,400
Premium 62 kWh 272 hp Behind 440 kilometers €45,400
Pulse 62 kWh 368 hp Front and back 400 kilometers €45,400
Brabus 62 kWh 428 hp Front and back 400 kilometers €50,400

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