Smart #5: strongest and largest Smart ever

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Smart #5Smart #5Smart #5Smart #5Smart #5

Smart #5

At Smart, the boundaries continue to shift. Every model it presents is one size bigger. The brand does not break with that tradition. This is the Smart #5, a no less than 4.7 meter large electric SUV, which also seems to be the strongest Smart ever.

The electric #1 was the model with which the reborn Smart, which now operates half under the wings of the Chinese Geely, introduced itself. The Smart #1, with its car length of 4.27 meters, was by far the largest Smart ever, but it would not remain so for long. Later we were introduced to the Smart #3. That is also an SUV, but one that, with its length of 4.44 meters, was positioned well above #1. In the database of the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, AutoWeek has turned up photos of a completely new model: the #5. From now on it will be the biggest!

Smart #5

The Smart Concept #5 which the #5 closely resembles.

According to the first information we have obtained from the model, the Smart #5 is 4.71 meters long. This means it surpasses the previously largest Smart – the #3 – by no less than 27 centimeters. The wheelbase of the Smart #5 is also larger. There is 2.9 meters between the front and rear axle, 11 centimeters more than the #3. The Smart #5 is the production version of the Smart Concept #5 shown in April this year. He looks very much like it. The Smart #5 has a strikingly straight sloping buttocks and, despite its rounded shapes, looks somewhat ‘bonkier’ than the #1 and #3. The light signature on the front is striking. While the #1 and #3 have a similar front, this newcomer differs greatly from its brothers and sisters with its more vertically oriented light units at the front. The rear lighting is very similar in shape and layout to the lighting at the front.

We can already report that the Smart #5 will have three engine versions at least in China. There will be a 340 hp variant with rear-wheel drive, but also two versions with four-wheel drive. The least potent one already promises to be very potent. It has a 363 hp electric motor at the back and a 224 hp powerful one on the front axle. Above this is a version with a no less than 421 hp strong electric heart at the back and a 224 hp strong copy on the front axle. The Smart #5 is not a lightweight: it weighs 2,250 to 2,450 kilos. The most powerful variant reaches a top speed of 210 km/h, the two engine versions below it stop at 200 km/h.

The Smart #5 will make its official debut later this year. We also expect the model to be on the market in the Netherlands.

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