Smart Home days at Tink: high discounts on Google Nest, Tado and Bosch products (ADV)

profit from February 22 to February 28 of exclusive deals and high discounts on many smart home products at Tink during the Smart Home days.

Smart Home days at Tink

Make your own home completely smart now with extreme discounts on smart home products at Tink. Until February 28, you will benefit from up to 50% discount on the many products from Google Nest, tado° and Bosch for your smart home, among others. We list the best deals below.

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Google Nest Doorbell and Google Nest Hub (€101 discount)

Google Nest Doorbell and HUB

The Google Nest Doorbell is a smart wireless video doorbell with a wide-angle lens and an excellent camera. The doorbell has no wiring and is therefore easy to install. From your iPhone you automatically see who is ringing the doorbell and it is even possible to talk back remotely. This one comes in a deal with a Google Nest Hub, a display that controls the rest of your smart home.

With the Google Nest Doorbell (battery) and the Google Nest Hub (Gen. 2) you get a set to finally start smart living. You can now get the two products in this smart home ecosystem from Google from € 299.98 for €199.00 at home. That means that with the 34% discount now paid € 100.98 less for these products. Live smarter for a low price!

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Bosch Smart Home Controller and Smoke Detectors (€110 discount)

Bosch Smoke Detectors

With the Bosch Smart Home Smoke Detectors you always sleep like a baby or leave home with a safe feeling. In addition to smoke detection, the smoke detectors also have built-in special lighting. For example, your escape route is automatically illuminated in the event of smoke and your path is therefore more visible. When you are away from home, these three smoke detectors, in combination with the Smart Home Controller, provide a notification on your smartphone.

With the Bosch Smart Home Controller and three smoke detectors, you not only feel safe in your kitchen, but you can also place the other two in your bedroom and living room, for example. The controller ensures that the smoke detectors are in contact with each other and that you know if there is smoke somewhere in your house. Instead of € 339.80 you now have this deal at Tink for only € 229.95 euros† That’s a whopping 32% discount† This saves you €109.85 on a smarter home and a safer feeling.

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Tado° Smart Wired Thermostat Starter Kit (€221 discount)

tado smart thermostat

Do you want to be better for the environment and at the same time save on high bills? Then look at the Thermostat Starter Kit from tado°. With this kit you can turn on your thermostat based on your location. Are you close to home? Then your thermostat will automatically switch on on time. This way you always enter a warm house and you can immediately start relaxing. It is also possible to set time schedules. This way you always roll out of bed well and you never sleep too warm.

You can buy the Smart Wired Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ incl. Bridge + 6-pack Radiator Thermostats from € 619.94 for €399.00† That means you with 36% discount now pay € 220.94 less for a house that always has your perfect temperature and also thinks of your wallet.

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Even more offers at Tink

There are many more offers at Tink to make your home super smart. This is how you buy a Netatmo Premium Set Weather Station with 100 euro discount† Do you like to work in the garden and do you want to take care of your plants as well as possible? Then you need a personal weather station. This kit contains a rain gauge, anemometer and a weather station. Via an app you get all the data in a clear overview in beautiful graphs.

Do you have an electric car? Then view the Wallbox Pulsar Plus. This allows you to charge your electric car ‘normally’, as well as to keep track of statistics and set timers. This charging station charges your car very quickly and smartly and has a function for charging with solar energy. You can now buy the Wallbox Pulsar Plus Charging Station at Tink with almost 140 euros discount

Are you looking for a smart doorbell, but don’t want Google? Then buy the Hombli Smart Video Doorbell 2 + Doorbell Chime 2 with 70 euro discount† With this smart doorbell set, you can see and hear who is ringing the doorbell within a radius of 300 metres. Connecting is easy. You only have to plug this set into your socket.

At Tink, in addition to these offers, you also receive up to 12% discount on the speakers from Sonos or you can now get the smart locks from Nuki at an extra affordable price. In addition, Tink also has all kinds of smart lighting for a reasonable price. Do you still want to look for the best deal yourself? Then click on the button below!

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