Smartphone sales fall: worst period since 2014

Smartphone sales fall: worst period since 2014

Smartphone sales have hit their weakest point in eight years after dropping 9 percent. Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi remain the biggest brands, while the smaller brands are shrinking in market share.

Smartphone sales are falling

Phone sales have been on a downward trend for some time now. Partly because phones last longer, but also because innovations are less significant in new devices. Now that the economic conditions are also less favourable, this leads to a decrease in sales of 9 percent compared to the same period in 2014, we know. canalys.

If we look at manufacturers’ market share, we don’t see any major changes in the biggest brands. Samsung will maintain its top position in the third quarter of 2022 with a share of 22%, compared to 21% a year earlier. Apple continues to grow from 15 to 18% and Xiaomi continues to maintain its 14% market share.

Losers and coming period

We only see losers in the camp of the Chinese BKK holding. OPPO and OnePlus are merged by Canalys and lose 1% market share. At the same time, Vivo is also losing 2% this quarter. The Chinese brand, which is also part of BKK, announced this week at Androidworld that it is pausing its entry into the Dutch smartphone market.

When analysts assess the coming period, they expect better sales results with the coming Christmas period and early 2023, but there is no talk of a real turnaround. “As we get a more discounted period, consumers who have postponed their purchases expect interesting deals and bundle promotions. They also expect older devices to get a lower price.” Canalys refers to the Christmas weeks, but also to Black Friday, which precedes it.

Have you postponed the purchase of products until the coming black friday period? Let us know in the comments. Black Friday takes place on November 25 this year, but you always see promotions appearing the days before.

Smartphone sales fall: worst period since 2014

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