Smiling into the summer with this Daf YA 66 – Enthusiast Wanted

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Smiling into the summer with this Daf YA 66 – Enthusiast Wanted

Do you enjoy riding in the summer in the coming months and do you enjoy really standing out? Then look no further: here you have a nice ‘crazy’ convertible from our own soil.

You are probably familiar with characteristic leisure cars such as the Citroën Méhari and Renault Rodeo, but did you know that something similar once rolled off the production line in the Netherlands? The Daf YA 66 was just not intended as such from the start. Daf built it solely on behalf of the Royal Netherlands Army. So we are dealing with a real veteran, who – it seems – left service in 1995 and was subsequently transformed into a ‘civilian version’ somewhere. In this case, the latter mainly means that he exchanged his green paint color for a red jacket and the Volvo steering wheel and grille were also probably added later.

Daf YA66

This ‘Suspender Jeep’, as the YA 66 was also jokingly called, is basically, as its name suggests, a Daf 66 and that means that a 53 hp strong 1.1 from Renault moves you forward. Naturally, it does so via a Variomatic transmission. It never really goes fast, but of course the ride is nice and relaxed. Actually perfect for quiet pleasure rides in the Dutch summer sun. If the weather is bad, you can also bring out the simple roof. The only question is how good that still is, but the rest of the car makes a pretty nice impression.

Whether the whole story is worth almost five grand to you is another matter. In any case, the provider, a company in Ommen, asks €4,900 for it. It has a fresh MOT, with only one point of attention. Either way, you won’t be in trouble any time soon, or you’ll have to unfortunately slide out of this tub on wheels.

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