Snapchat outage: Snapchat stopped working for you? (update)

Snapchat Outage: Snapchat Stopped Working for You?  (update)

Snapchat is outaged and many users are currently unable to send and receive Snaps. Currently, Snapchat has not communicated about any issues yet. It is also unknown when a solution will be released.

Update 30/09 at 11:15 am: Snapchat issues appear to be normalizing, according to reports on All malfunctions which decrease again. Below is the original article:

Snapchat Failure

The problems on Snapchat are visible on the website, where thousands of users have reported the technical error in the past few hours. Snapchat became inaccessible to users around 8 a.m. Friday. At the moment there are still problems, as evidenced by new reports that keep coming in.

On the Snapchat Support Account on Twitter no information has yet been shared about the technical problems and it is also unclear when a solution will be released. The last Snapchat outage dates from December 2021 and in October of that year, the service also faced a technical problem worldwide.

Snapchat Outage: Snapchat Stopped Working for You?  (update)
Notifications on All Failures


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