There are many games in all kinds of flavors for young and old that you can play on the computer, tablet and smartphone. In this review you can read about the popular card game patience.

You don’t need an app or program at all to play a game of Solitaire. Just surf to with any browser to get started right away. Although the website contains a lot of advertising, you will not be bothered by this while playing. You open the game environment in full screen. It doesn’t matter whether you use a computer, tablet or smartphone for this. By the way, a smartphone screen is a bit on the small side. The idea is to arrange the cards over four piles from Ace to King. If you use a touch screen, you swipe the cards to the right place. On a computer you do this with the mouse button pressed. Are you stuck? Then ask for a hint using the light. You can also adjust the difficulty level, background, card set and layout of the playing field via the menu. There is also a short game explanation here. Unlike many similar gaming apps, this web version does not suffer from annoying interruptions. There are no commercials. We do experience some delay with a browser on the computer. This card game can also be found as an app in the Play Store.

4 stars

Patience (Klondike)
System requirements: Android, browser
Language: Dutch
Price: free