Spotify subscriptions: these are available (and you pay these prices)

Spotify has several subscriptions, which have different functions and different prices. We list the functions and subscription prices for you!

Benefits of Premium on Spotify

Spotify has launched several subscription plans in recent years. The music service is free to use, but you will miss important functions that are available with paid subscriptions. For example, with the free version you can listen to music, but you will hear advertisements in between and you cannot adjust the order of the songs. You also cannot download music and podcasts with the free version.

Reason enough to subscribe to Spotify, but what options are there exactly? And how much do you pay for the different Premium versions? With every paid subscription you get the same Premium features, only the number of people you share the subscription with differs. View all the benefits you get with a paid subscription to the music service here:

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These Spotify subscriptions are available

At Spotify you can choose from four subscriptions. With all these subscriptions you can listen to music ad-free, download songs, adjust the order of your queue and select the highest sound quality. When taking out a subscription to Spotify, it is good to consider how many people you want to share the account with. These are the Premium options Spotify currently offers:

Individual Premium (10.99 euros per month)

  • First three months free;
  • Suitable for one Premium account;
  • Cancellation is always possible.

Student Premium (5.99 euros per month)

  • First month free;
  • Eligible for one Premium account (available only to students enrolled in a higher education institution);
  • Cancellation is always possible.

Duo Premium (14.99 euros per month)

  • No free trial;
  • Suitable for two Premium accounts;
  • Cancellation is always possible.

Family Premium (17.99 euros per month)

  • No free trial;
  • Suitable for six Premium accounts;
  • Manage content marked as explicit;
  • Cancellation is always possible.
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Share Spotify subscriptions at the same address

According to Spotify, the subscriptions are only intended for sharing with people who live at the same address. In practice, this is not checked, as other services such as Netflix and Disney Plus now do or plan to do. For the time being, you can share the subscription with family or friends who live at a different address. They only have to confirm once that they live at your address. It is not yet known whether Spotify will change this in the future.

Are you still unsure whether you want to take out a subscription to Spotify? Then you can first check with the individual or student subscription whether the music service suits you during the free trial period. Be careful, because after that the paid subscription will be automatically extended. The free trial subscription is only available if you have not paid for Spotify before. Would you rather choose a different music service? Then try Apple Music for free for a month here:

View Apple Music

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