Spyker filed for bankruptcy after all

The petition for the bankruptcy of Spyker NV is on the table, curator Willem Jan van Andel announced on Wednesday RTL News. That intention was already there at the beginning of last month, but CEO Victor Muller knew how to avert it successfully. Because he has not fulfilled his payment promise, the application is now sent out. With this bankruptcy petition from Spyker NV, however, the matter seems far from over.

‘Nulla tenaci invia et via’, is Spyker’s adage, in other words: ‘No road is impassable for the persistent’. Nevertheless, the network around the sports car manufacturer from Zeewolde seems to be closing further and further. At the beginning of last month, curator Van Andel already issued an ultimatum to Spyker CEO Victor Muller. If he failed to meet his payment obligation of € 52,000, a bankruptcy petition from Spyker NV would follow. Muller was able to extend that deadline for another month, but yesterday the measure was full and Van Andel submitted the application. The final judgment of the court on the bankruptcy of Spyker NV will follow in the coming weeks.

The Spyker CEO is not worried about this, he says in a response RTL News know. According to him, Spyker NV is an ’empty shell’ and all activities of the company have been transferred to another holding company, Spyker Limited. Muller therefore argues that the bankruptcy petition of the bankruptcy trustee “makes no sense”. At the same time, he still promises to make the payment, but he says he is dependent on another sales transaction for that. What that exactly means remains in the middle. Apart from the possible bankruptcy of Spyker NV, there is also another case against Spyker Services, the maintenance branch that went bankrupt at the beginning of this year. This involves an amount of no less than € 800,000. Muller has not yet made any payment in that case either. Bankruptcy trustee Dennis Steffens, who is handling that bankruptcy, is now preparing the sale of Spyker’s trademark rights, with which he hopes to collect part of that amount.

Great plans

Spyker announced in August that it would be working with Russian investor Boris Rotenberg. In 2021, the Spyker C8 Preliator should roll off the production line, followed by the D8 Peking-to-Paris and the B6 Venator. The brand also wants to open a store in Monaco. With the ongoing bankruptcy cases, however, Spyker seems to be lame for the time being. Spyker is not available to comment on the status of the current plans. Techzle is awaiting a response from the curators.

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