Spyker signs agreement with investors, production from 2022

Spyker D12 Beijing-to-Paris Concept

The Dutch Spyker has signed an agreement with new investors. In concrete terms, the news is even better: cars are to be built again from 2022, including the Beijing-to-Paris SUV.

It concerns an agreement with the Russian Boris Rotenberg and Michail Pessis, business partners who have been associated with Spyker for some time. Now, however, the agreement is being reinforced with a new production branch, which will simply be led again by Victor Muller. This means that production of three different Spyker models should start in 2022. The ‘entry-level’ is the B6 Venator, a car that was already presented as such in 2013. The car had a V6 on board in its original form and can be seen as a competitor for the Porsche 911.

B6, C8 and Beijing-to-Paris

A more serious supercar comes in the form of the C8 Preliator. This car was in Geneva in March 2016 and is therefore the last new model launched by Spyker after the Spyder version. The Spyker Peking-to-Paris is a lot older, but perhaps also more interesting commercially. Presented in 2006 as the D12 Peking-to-Paris, this car is an SUV that Spyker might have saved had production started earlier. After all, at the time of its unveiling, there was no Bentley Bentayga or Lamborghini Urus, cars that have proven long and wide that there is a market for this type of super-SUV. Fortunately, that market is still there, so maybe Spyker can still get a piece of the pie.

The new Spyker ultimately aims to arrive at a situation where the development of Spyker models takes place in Germany and Russia. The production of the carbon fiber bodies must also take place in Russia, but the production of the cars themselves will remain in the Netherlands. The company’s headquarters must then be located in Luxembourg, where one of Pessis’ companies – Milan Morady – is also located.

After sales

Spyker does not forget the 265 existing customers and says it will also set up an after sales branch. This includes ‘service centers’ in the south of France and ‘a location close to the Belgian, French and Luxembourg borders’. In Germany, then?

Victor Muller states in the press release that Spyker in this form has ‘a better foundation than ever before’. The brand wants to focus on enthusiasts of sports cars that ‘excite all the senses’, ie with a combustion engine. According to Muller, the future models also include hybrids, but the V8 petrol engine will continue to play the leading role at Spyker for the foreseeable future.

Rotenberg and Pessis

Boris Rotenberg is a Russian banker who has also earned a lot of money building gas pipelines and is known for his ties to motorsport. For example, through his companies, he was one of the founders of race team SMP Racing and race car builder BR Engineering. Michail Pessis is a business partner of Rotenberg and CEO of Milan Moraday, a company that claims to specialize in exclusive ‘design solutions’ in all kinds of areas. Pessis is also co-owner of the German R-Company, which trades in new and used cars of the more expensive kind.

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