Stolen BMW recovered thanks to Apple AirTag

This news item shows that Apple’s tracker can sometimes be really useful. A stolen BMW was recovered quite easily thanks to the AirTag.

Stolen BMW recovered thanks to AirTag

Once again the AirTag has recovered a car. A Canadian man got out of his car (a little too quickly) and forgot that he had lowered his window. The next day his BMW was stolen.

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Luckily, he had hidden an AirTag in his BMW six months earlier. So after a quick look at the Find My app, he was able to see where his car had gone. It turned out to be a little further away at a motel.

The owner of the stolen car went there and immediately called the police. They were able to return the car to the owner (along with most of the things that were in the car). In any case, the owner was very happy that he had picked up the AirTag months ago for $29.

Apple AirTag in short

The AirTag is a handy device that helps you easily find your lost items. This involves a special technique that can locate your lost objects extra accurately.

The AirTags are trackable on your iPhone in the Find My app. When you are near your belongings, this sensor makes contact with your iPhone or iPad. The Tag gets its own tab in the app.

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Do you also want to put an AirTag in your BMW or other car? We have already looked up the best prices for you in our AirTag price comparator. If you look at these, at least you know you won’t pay too much!

And do you think Apple’s AirTag is too expensive? Then you can buy an alternative at Kruidvat for less than ten euros. Knowing more? Then read the article below.

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