Streaming cheaper: these services get (or have) an advertising option

More and more streaming services are getting a subscription for cheaper streaming, but with advertising. We list the streaming services with and without advertising for you. In addition, we tell you what else is coming!

Streaming cheaper with advertising: these are the options

Streaming services regularly raise the price of their subscriptions, but now these companies are finding that not everyone has the money to do so. To keep customers, streaming services come up with a new option: advertisements. You then pay less euros per month to watch all series and films, but your viewing experience is interrupted with advertisements.

There’s been a lot of talk right now about the upcoming Netflix and Disney Plus advertising subscriptions, but what exactly is going on? And on which services can you stream even cheaper?

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Netflix: gets a cheaper subscription with restrictions

Netflix is ​​still busy setting up its upcoming advertising subscription. Nothing is certain yet, but this is what you can expect:

  • The subscription will cost between 7 and 9 dollars in the United States. In the Netherlands, the price is probably between 5 and 7 euros per month.
  • With the advertising subscription you have fewer functions. For example, it is not possible to download series and movies to watch offline.
  • With an advertising subscription you can watch less. You can of course just turn on all Netflix Originals, but there is no certainty about the rest yet.
  • Netflix’s advertising subscription should be available in some countries by the end of 2022 and will be available in more countries in 2023.

Disney Plus: not cheaper, but commercials

Disney Plus is also working on a subscription with advertising. For now only in the United States, but later also in the rest of the world. Surprisingly, the price does not go down in this case.

  • With the introduction of the advertising subscription in the United States, the prices for the normal subscriptions will increase by about forty percent. The advertising subscription will then receive the price of the current standard subscription. This now costs 8.99 euros per month in the Netherlands. The advertising plan is called Disney Plus Basic and the no-ads plan is called Disney Plus Premium.
  • Everything on Disney Plus Premium can also be watched via Disney Plus Basic.
  • With an advertising subscription you watch approximately four minutes of advertising per hour.
View the current Disney Plus subscriptions here
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YouTube: pay to remove ads and listen to music

Of course, YouTube couldn’t come up with a cheaper version, because this service has been free since the beginning. But for 6.99 euros per month you get YouTube Premium, with which you can watch unlimited YouTube videos without (annoying) advertising. In addition, with this subscription you get the option to watch videos offline, play them in the background and you can use YouTube Music.

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HBO Max: not yet in the Netherlands

In the United States, HBO Max already has a cheaper subscription with commercials to stream. Viewers are then presented with approximately four minutes of advertising per hour. We do not yet have this option in the Netherlands. It is not yet known what the new service that will combine HBO Max and Discovery Plus for subscriptions has.

View the current subscription to HBO Max here

Videoland: cheapest subscription has advertising

If you choose Videoland, you can choose from three different subscriptions. The cheapest subscription of 4.99 euros per month is called Videoland Basis and has advertising. In addition, with the basic subscription you can only use one screen at a time and you have no download option. Videoland Plus for 8.99 euros has no ads.

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NPO Start: pay to remove ads and look ahead

Just like YouTube, using the NPO Start app is free, but you will get ads. You can take NPO Plus for 2.95 per month. This removes the commercials, you can watch some programs ahead and all broadcasts get a higher picture quality.

Prime Video: no option to remove ads, but to skip

If you watch a series via Prime Video and you enjoy binging, you are sometimes brutally disturbed by advertising. Sometimes even before you start watching. These commercials consist of trailers of movies and series from Amazon’s stable. Oddly enough, you can’t remove them with a more expensive plan. However, you can skip them by pressing the button.

View the Amazon Prime subscription here

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