Stretching photos with Stockphotos Upscaler

Stretching photos with Stockphotos Upscaler

You can’t just make photos bigger without loss of quality because the program has to add pixels in some way. Because the software has to guess, such an enlargement often gives an out of focus result. Stockphotos Upscaler can do an excellent job of enlarging, because it uses artificial intelligence.


Stockphotos Upscaler is a web app that can make an image up to eight times larger, without losing too much of its original quality. The secret of this free application is the neural networks who appeals to the tool to get this extremely difficult job done. It is very simple to use. You visit the website at and login is not necessary. The image to be enlarged cannot be larger than 2000 × 2000 pixels. We drop in the box Upload Image a 689 × 900 pixel png image that is 628 KB in size. If you try to upload a larger image anyway, the tool will refuse the file. The tool handles png, jpg, webp and bmp format.

Upscaler uses a neural network.


Depending on the size of the image file, it may take a while for the image to be uploaded and processed. After that, Upscaler uses its AI algorithm to make the image twice the size originally. In the preview window you get a vertical slider to compare the before and after quality. That preview trick is an eyewash, because there’s only one good way to judge the sharpness quality of a photo. That is to enlarge the photo to 100% so that one pixel of digital image corresponds to one pixel of your computer screen. This is not to say that Upscaler does not do a good job, but to judge the result properly you have to enlarge the after image.

To download

With the options on the side you can choose to make the image even four to eight times larger. You can also refine the result via the options high fidelity, artifact removal (jpg disruption) and ironed out (smooth out). Select the option that interests you and click Enhance. You can then download the result. There is also a button to cut the photo perfectly to size for social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. The result of our 8x magnification is a beautiful photo of 5488 × 7529 pixels, we pasted the original photo in its original size in the left corner.

There is a banner at the bottom of the magnification, but you can easily cut it out.

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