Stylish calendar app Vantage Calendar is Apple’s free App of the Week

You have calendars in all shapes and sizes, but Vantage Calendar does it very visually. As Apple’s free App of the Week, you can now download and use the app completely free of charge.

Vantage Calendar is free this week

‘Put your time in a new perspective’ is how Vantage Calendar describes itself. The stylish app does everything you are used to from a diary and calendar, but lets you set the appearance completely to your own taste.

The entire app is wrapped in a black design, which makes highlighted appointments in bright neon colors stand out even more. In addition to a color, you can use stickers to clearly show what kind of appointment it is. A balloon for a birthday, or a plane for the time of your flight.

Vantage Calendar

With one press on your screen you switch between the weekly overview, hourly overview and a special visualization mode. This places all your appointments on a timeline that rolls over your screen.

Integrate your existing calendars

The big advantage of Vantage Calendar is that you can integrate your existing calendar apps into it. Handy if you use Google Calendar, iCloud, Outlook or Facebook Events, for example. You can easily synchronize all these appointments, so that you do not have to enter them manually.

Normally, Vantage Calendar costs 3.99 euros, but now that Apple has chosen the calendar as App of the Week, the app is now temporarily free. Every week, Apple celebrates an app by lowering its price and giving it a prominent position in the App Store. Sometimes these are games, but this week it’s a productivity app. You have until next Thursday evening to take advantage of this app discount.

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