Subaru Forester facelift presented in Japan

Subaru Forester facelift presented in Japan

In Japan, Subaru has presented an updated version of the Forester. The car will get a set of eye-catching viewers, which will undoubtedly also have to entice European customers in the long run.

The current fifth generation of the Subaru Forester dates from 2018. The C-shaped daytime running lights so characteristic of Subaru remain more or less intact during the facelift, but the outline of the headlight unit as a whole changes considerably. Most striking is the large bite that is removed from the inside of the headlight, but also on the outside we find a small jump that was not there before.

Subaru Forester Sport


Subaru Forester facelift


At the back, nothing seems to have changed, but we do note different light metal. Subaru also tackles the chassis and promises more flexibility for its most popular model. The hybrid E-boxer powertrain is also being refined and the Forester is introduced to the latest generation of the Eyesight safety system.

As usual, the renewed Forester will be presented first in Japan, so speculating about versions and prices is not so useful yet. However, there is a good chance that we will also be pleased with this refined Forester in Europe in the long term, so more information will of course follow.

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