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The version you don’t want

Subaru Impreza

When you think of a cheap, aged Subaru Impreza, you quickly think of a car that has been in a WRC outfit from front to back and has had an eventful life. This Impreza is of a completely different kind.

There are still quite a few first-generation Subaru Imprezas in our used car range, but the majority of them are sporty and expensive. There are few cars with such a huge price difference between the popular versions and the home-garden-and-kitchen versions. For a nice Impreza 2.0 GT AWD Turbo you quickly lose about €15,000, but the Impreza you see here only has to deliver a tenth of that. You also get an Impreza that is very far removed from its rally brothers.

An Impreza can hardly be more modest than this. We are dealing here with a 1.6 GL, so just with a 90-hp naturally aspirated boxer engine, which is also linked to a four-speed automatic transmission. An Impreza that has therefore never fallen prey to fast guys who wanted to imitate Colin McRae. That’s what makes him really fun. Just hubcaps instead of gold-colored light metal, no air scoops, no thick spoilers, no coilovers, just a faithful Impreza that has always taken it easy.

Subaru Impreza

When we say take it easy, we really mean take it easy. With this Impreza you can take a good 14 seconds before you reach 100 km / h from standstill and the top speed is quite modest at 165 km / h. Apparently the previous owner liked it, because he owned the Impreza from May 2001 to last month. Last week, the provider arranged a new MOT on the car and no more points for attention were noted, so the Impreza is probably already well prepared for a new loyal owner.

However, there are some points of attention that we immediately notice. The front right of the Impreza seems to have had (rust) damage and that has not been completely removed without any problems. Furthermore, the rear bumper is not completely tight and there seem to be some scrapes here and there. But hey, we’re talking about a 28-year-old car with almost 2 tons on the counter, which should also only yield €1,450. As said, it is not the Impreza that most people want, but maybe you have a very soft spot for this?


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