Summum: Bentley Continental GT Mulliner Coupé

Anyone who likes to spend hours in a configurator that offers dozens if not hundreds of options when it comes to wood types, stitches and strips should pay attention. Bentley has lifted the Continental GT Mulliner onto the digital stage, the absolute showpiece of Bentley’s bespoke department. Personalize until you weigh an ounce.

Earlier this year, Bentley presented the Continental GT Mulliner Convertible, a Mulliner overhauled version of the open Continental GT that is now joined by a closed variant. This Bentley Continental GT Mulliner Coupé also functions as the showpiece of the Continental GT lineup, the cream of the exclusive Bentley salmon.

The Continental GT Mulliner Coupé is part of the Bentley Mulliner Collections models, models that have been finished down to the smallest cracks with beautiful or otherwise special details. In addition, the customer can choose much more with the Collection models than with the ‘regular’ models.

The dense incarnation of Bentley’s crème-de-la-crème features the Double Diamond grille, an impressive ornament that goes hand in hand with the arrival of matching grilles in the front fenders. The side mirror covers are painted Satin Silver and the Continental GT Mulliner Coupé stands on polished 22-inch wheels with signature self-aligning Bentley branding.

True beauty lies within and so the interior of the Continental GT Mulliner Coupé is doused with English opulence to say the least. The interior of this newcomer shows what Bentley Mulliner has to offer. According to Bentley, eight combinations of three different leather colors are possible. The cowhide on the seats, door panels and rear panels are stitched in a diamond pattern. Each diamond is made up of 712 stitches, which brings the total number of stitches in the interior to about 400,000. The diamond motif also returns to the panel on the center console. The whole consists of walnut wood and is accompanied by various chrome details. The centrally placed clock comes from Breitling. On the right side of the dashboard, the silhouette of the Continental is incorporated into the woodwork along with the Mulliner logo. Don’t you like the wood in these photos? Don’t worry, Bentley offers a choice of 88 different veneers.

The Continental GT Mulliner Coupé is available in combination with the 550 hp V8, but fans of twelve cylinders in this segment can breathe a sigh of relief. The 635 hp 6.0 W12 can also be drummed up at the Mulliner festival. The Continental GT Mulliner Coupé and its open-cut Convertible equivalent will be available to order from October. The first copies will be delivered early next year.

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