Temu app: what is it and is it reliable? (you need to know this)

You are increasingly flooded with advertisements for Temu (and the associated app) on Facebook and other sites. But what is Temu and is it reliable?

Temu app: what is it and is it reliable?

Not only Facebook is immersed in ads for Temu, even in the App Store you will see this advertisement. But what exactly is this app? In short: Temu is a Chinese webshop that sells everything. You can compare the site a bit with AliExpress.

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But is Temu also reliable? We put it to the test and ordered a number of items: an iPhone case, an Apple Watch strap and a charger. We settled with Paypal, but iDEAL is also one of the options.

The products were delivered within a week and matched the description. You can read how we liked the Apple Watch strap in the article below.

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Important: check the reviews before you order

Of course you have to read the description carefully with a product. In addition, it is certainly advisable to thoroughly study the reviews of other customers and view the photos.

Sometimes a product can differ slightly from the picture, but that was also the case with sites such as Wish and AlieExpress. Sometimes that’s not so bad, but of course you don’t want that with everything. Also nice: Temu does not charge shipping costs, but you have to order at least 5 euros from the site.

Research says: watch out

It also all sounds pretty good: you have a huge range of cheap products, without shipping costs. Nevertheless, it remains important to research the Consumer Association from a few years ago to keep in mind.

It stated that in 2019, about 66% of the products supplied at similar sites in Europe were not allowed to be in the shops. The reasons why the products did not meet European safety requirements varied. For example, there were children’s toys that could break off small pieces and some jewelery had too high concentrations of ingredients for which restrictions apply.

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That does not mean that this is also the case with Temu, but it is smart to always be on your guard before you completely label the website as ‘reliable’. A strap for your Apple Watch is probably pretty safe to order, but you have to be a little more careful with electronic devices.

Nosing around on Temu remains fun

Nevertheless, it is still fun to poke around in the Temu app. Apparently many people agree. The app currently ranks #1 among the top free apps in the App Store. The reviews are also good, with 4.6 stars (out of a maximum of 5).

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