Tesla Cybertruck still colored: Tesla is going to wrap itself

Five shades, no rust

Tesla Cybertruck wraps

Fan of the Tesla Cybertruck, but not a fan of bare stainless steel? Then Tesla now has a possible solution, because the brand itself offers colorful wraps. This in turn prevents potential rust problems.

Just like the Delorean DMC12, the Tesla Cybertruck basically only has one ‘color’. After all, the bare stainless steel is not coated with paint, so you are always looking at the natural, shiny steel skin. If you don’t want that, you can always have it wrapped. This is now also possible at Tesla itself, although the budget has to be wide open for this.

Tesla asks $6,000 for ‘Satin Ceramic White’, ‘Satin Stealth Black’ and ‘Slip Grey’, the equivalent of €5,500. The two real colors in the offering, ‘Satin Abyss Blue’ and ‘Satin Rose Gold’, cost a little more at $6,500. Have we hit all the snags with that? No, you can currently cover your Cybertruck at four Tesla Service Centers, all in California.

Tesla Cybertruck wraps

“No, really, neighbor, it was wrapped for $6,000!” With this gray it’s not very noticeable…

Covering your Cybertruck can also be smart, because the bodywork that is not provided with a protective layer appears to be sensitive to (fly) rust and you must keep it clean to stay tidy.

Having cars wrapped at Tesla itself is not entirely new: Tesla previously announced something similar for the Chinese market. In Europe, for the time being, you still have to contact a wrapper yourself to have your Tesla painted in a different color.

– Thanks for information from Autoweek.nl

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