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Tesla factory Germany finally gets the green light

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin

After a lot of haggling in recent years, Tesla has finally received final approval to build full-fledged cars in the new Gigafactory near Berlin.

For Tesla, more than two years of difficult progress in Grünheide, Germany, is finally coming to an end. The factory that the American car manufacturer has built there can finally start running at full speed. It already looked like that on Thursday and now the official confirmation is here. According to Automobilwoche The Prime Minister of the state of Brandenburg announced at a press conference that Tesla is getting the green light.

This puts an end – at least for the time being – to a long period in which Tesla had to deal with protesting local residents, environmental organizations and animal protectionists. As a result, the construction of the factory came into question several times. The most recent pain point was the plant’s groundwater consumption. However, according to the authorities, this does not cause any problems and now this objection also seems to be off the table.

The factory is said to be officially opening at the end of this month, under the watchful eye of none other than Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Tesla can already start large-scale production of cars for the European market. Ultimately, the annual production should reach 500,000 units. So in not too long there will be Models Y on the Dutch market that have been built relatively a stone’s throw away.

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