Tesla makes record profit, but the Netherlands ruins Elon Musk’s party

Tesla’s cars are as unreliable as can be. But despite the lousy quality, corona and global chip shortage, 2021 was the best year ever. Tesla posted a record profit of 4.9 billion euros. And the Netherlands? We didn’t join the party…

Elon can be proud: Tesla makes record profit of 4.9 billion

The gain is even more surprising when you consider how negative Tesla has been in the news lately. Because when you receive a brand new Tesla, the question is always what is loose, missing or falling off along the way. Recently, a Tesla Model 3 without brake pads was delivered in the US. Yet this model in particular is a success, together with the Model Y. Tesla has produced and sold more than 900,000 of these models in the past year. The Model S and Model X lag well behind with 24,964 models delivered worldwide.

The Dutch love for Tesla is cooling

Nice, that win, but the Netherlands is not participating in the polonaise. In 2019, the Dutch lease driver was still under the spell of Tesla. Because of the low addition, almost 30,000 Models 3 were registered. The Tesla Model 3 was therefore the best-selling car of 2019. But the lower the addition benefit became, the more the love cooled. If we look at the national sales figures for 2021, we see that 4151 people bought a new Tesla last year. That is more than half less than in 2020 and even only 13 percent of the numbers of 2019 …

Gigafactory Berlin

But Elon Musk will not lose sleep over the Netherlands for a moment. He sees with a smile that the profit increase of his brand is enormous. In 2020, Tesla made ‘only’ 644 million profit. According to the Americans, the enormous increase is due to the new factory in Shanghai. Tesla is also investing in other production sites, such as the Gigafactory in Berlin. The Americans indicate that they have pumped 5.8 billion euros into building new factories and optimizing existing ones.

Tesla profit could have been higher

Tesla’s record profit could have been even higher. Like many other automakers, the Musk brand recognizes that global production has been held back by the chip shortage. These problems are expected to continue for some time to come. For all new customers, it is hoped that Tesla does not forget to fit the brake pads …

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