Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD – 2020 – On the chassis dynamometer

Just update the software on the dynamometer and blast!

Tesla has definitely landed, also in the Netherlands. If, as a brand, you supply the best-selling car, you will of course also have many real fans among your buyers. This certainly applies to the Tesla Model 3, which became number one in the Netherlands in 2019. You can safely call Wouter de Wilde an ambassador of the brand.

Wouter de Wilde lives in Ouderkerk, works in Rotterdam and decided to try an electric scooter for commuting. “That scooter put electric transport on my map and so we decided to save up for an electric car,” he says. I didn’t like a test drive in a Hyundai Kona, because Wouter thought it was too small. So he bet on a Tesla.

Used Model 3 from Germany

Wouter is a clinical perfusionist at Erasmus MC. He operates the heart-lung machine during open heart surgery. “It is quite a technical profession, so I certainly have a thing for buttons, lights and technology. I’m also quite a fan of Apple,” he says. He eventually came across a young, used Model 3 Dual Motor in Germany. “A Dutch car dealer traded in my Seat Leon ST and he imported the Tesla for me,” says Wouter. That made him very happy. “I’m not an EV pusher or anything, but I do come across a lot of relevant positives. It is fast, the range is good at 380 to 450 kilometers, it feels good in terms of road holding and handling and it is also spacious enough for our family with two young children,” says Wouter. It’s not a crack nose, but the performance potential of the Model 3 is of course funny and nice. “I’m not a traffic light sprinter, but it’s funny that you can effortlessly keep up with everyone.”

Fan of the Tesla Superchargers

Tesla also has the infrastructure well organized. Wouter went on holiday to Norway and Switzerland with his family and found that Tesla’s own charging points are excellent. “Besides the fact that you can fast charge there, they are also great, neat places where you can take a break,” he says. Switzerland is not only a holiday destination, but is also becoming the new place to live. “We are going to emigrate to Bern with the family in two weeks, which will be a new adventure. The Tesla will of course come along. You go uphill like crazy and downhill you can regenerate nicely.”

At first the Model 3 doesn’t work on a dynamometer, but if the software knows…

In the meantime, dynamometer chief Ghisbert van Ginhoven is in trouble, because the Tesla refuses to go at full speed. The car detects that things are not right on the road today. We are working hard to find a way to deceive the safety systems and measure the full power of the Model 3. Cameraman Jasper also has a Model 3 and does a quick search on his smartphone. Ultimately we find an instructional video on how to make it clear to the software in the car that it is a dynamometer test. That works! On the third measurement, the Tesla Model 3 unleashes all its devils and shows neat figures. On to the Alps!

– Thanks for information from Autoweek.nl

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