Tesla Model 3 will probably become more expensive in the Netherlands as of July 1

Possibly a significant price increase on the way

Tesla Model 3

Tesla warns the Dutch potential Model 3 customer of a possible price increase. By this, Tesla is of course referring to the import duties that may apply in July for electric cars produced in China. The Tesla Model 3 intended for Europe rolls off the production line in China.

The European Commission wants to introduce significant import duties on electric cars built in China as of July 4. The European Commission believes that China practices unfair competition by subsidizing its own manufacturers. If nothing changes, levies of between 17.4 and 38.1 percent will be imposed on electric cars built in China. This not only has consequences for Chinese manufacturers, but also for Western brands that produce in the country. Tesla is one of them, after all, it builds the Model 3 there for the European market, among others. Anyone who configures a Model 3 on the Dutch Tesla website will see a warning about a possible price increase.

“The price of the Model 3 will probably increase as of July 1, 2024 due to expected import duties,” we read on the website. To guarantee that you still get a Model 3 for the current prices, Tesla advises you to order one before the end of June. “We expect that we will have to increase the price of Model 3 as of July 1, 2024. This is due to the fact that additional import duties are likely to apply to electric vehicles produced in China and sold in the EU from that date.” as we read further on.

A Tesla Model 3 is now available from €41,990. For that money you can drive the rear-wheel drive version with a range of up to 554 kilometers. Above this are the Long Range All-Wheel Drive (€49,990) and the Performance All-Wheel Drive (€56,990). It was recently announced that Tesla has asked the European Commission for an exemption from the higher import tax for EVs built in China.

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