Tesla wants to double Chinese production capacity

Tesla Model 3

Tesla is said to have plans to double its production capacity in China. This is evident from reports from Reuters, among others. Tesla would like to build a new production facility in Shanghai with which the annual Chinese production capacity should eventually increase to 2 million cars.

Tesla has its so-called Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, China, where it produces the Model 3 and Model Y for both the internal market and export markets. Hundreds of thousands of Teslas roll off the production line there every year, but due to the high demand for Models 3 and Y, that would not be enough. Reuters reports that Tesla has plans to build a new factory near its existing Gigafactory 2, which should increase the annual Chinese production capacity to no less than 2 million cars.

Tesla plans to increase production capacity at its existing Chinese factory to 1 million cars this year. As is well known, China is not only interested in expanding in China. Tesla is about to start using its European factory built near Berlin, although that is not without a struggle.

In the Netherlands, 4,155 new Teslas were registered last year. 2,566 of these were a Model 3, 1,582 a Model Y and only 5 a Model S. The Model X was even less popular than the Model S with 2 registered copies last year.

– Thanks for information from Autoweek.nl

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