Test: Toyota C-HR – Is the new Toyota C-HR a good second attempt?

Sharp lines, flexible chassis

Given the striking styling of the Toyota C-HR, you might not expect it, but the crossover has been quite a success for Toyota. Will the second generation also be a success?

Is that photo really of the production version of the Toyota C-HR?

Certainly. The new C-HR is a concept car for public roads, says Toyota. You probably recognize it straight away in profile, but the nose and butt have both been given a major overhaul, resulting in a fresh look. The previous C-HR was no gray mouse either, but the new one is even braver. Apparently it is a hit, because more than 20,000 of the previous ones were also registered in our country.

Toyota C-HR

Fold-out door handles are nice, but you shouldn’t have fat fingers.

Is it still a dark hole in the backseat of the C-HR?

Yep, even Dracula would find it a bit on the dark side in the back of the Toyota C-HR. Of course, there is not much headroom due to the sloping roofline, but it is mainly the fact that you are hidden behind the C-pillar that makes the C-HR feel rather claustrophobic. The luggage compartment doesn’t win any prizes either. The volume is not particularly large, there is a considerable lifting threshold and at the transition to the rear seat the space is a bit narrower than elsewhere.

Toyota C-HR

It is a bit claustrophobic in the back

Well, enough complaining: is it better up front?

Absolute. In the C-HR, Toyota combines the well-known obsessive solidity with tasteful design and soft materials. There are also sufficient physical buttons, which improves ergonomics. And of course the C-HR gets Toyota’s latest multimedia system, which works quickly and clearly. Couple that with an equally beautiful digital instrumentation and you have a beautiful and modern whole.

Does the Toyota C-HR drive as exciting as it looks?

No. It is definitely a more dynamic car than, for example, the Corolla Cross, but the C-HR certainly does not drive as sharp as its appearance. That doesn’t matter, because Toyota has certainly managed to find a pleasant compromise. Even on 19-inch wheels there is a decent tire sidewall and that helps with comfort, while the handling is perfectly fine. The C-HR has no objections to going around a corner at an indecent speed, but it doesn’t actively encourage you to do so either.

Toyota C-HR

Beautiful materials, good ergonomics and beautiful styling.

Is the C-HR also available as a hybrid?

No, it is only available as a hybrid. There will also be a plug-in hybrid in 2024, but for now you can choose from the 1.8 Hybrid with 140 hp or the 2.0 Hybrid with 197 hp. The latter is almost as economical, but is considerably more pleasant to drive. If you want the most out of a Toyota hybrid, they become noisy and with 197 hp you don’t have to get the most out of it as often as with 140 hp. So always do it.

How much does that beauty cost?

In theory just over 37,000 euros. In practice, you almost always exceed 40 grand. That’s no small change, but certainly not crazy in this segment. Plus, Toyota doesn’t skimp on safety systems, so many of them are always standard. Unfortunately, they are tuned a bit too sensitively, which means that the Toyota C-HR has a tendency to continuously beep and interfere. The good news: all those systems can be turned off.

Toyota C-HR

The type name lights up when stationary, but must be turned off while driving.

– Thanks for information from Autoweek.nl

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