That’s how economical the Mercedes-Benz B-Class is in practice

With the B of Conscious?

Mercedes Benz B class

With the B-class, Mercedes-Benz is entering a segment in which more than just maximum luxury counts. When choosing a compact MPV, fuel consumption also plays a role for many consumers. Is the B-Class the Benz for sensible people? The AutoWeek Consumption Monitor provides insight.

The Mercedes B-class that we examine is the second generation. The model was delivered from 2011 to 2018 and welcomed more than 2,000 new Dutch customers every year. Over the years, at least 1,250 copies have been destined for the police.

Consume B180

The Mercedes-Benz B-class is not a standard choice for frequent drivers, the manufacturer from Stuttgart has plenty of other models for that. The most economical owner entered his fuel receipts between December 2015 and September 2022 and drove 57,706 km during that time. The average consumption of the B180 was 1 in 16.8, with the owner indicating that he consciously drives economically. It turns out: this consumption value is more favorable than the manufacturer’s specification of 1 to 16.1.

The least economical B180 was also not in the hands of a frequent driver. In ten months, this driver drove 7,569 kilometers with an average consumption of 1 to 12.9. The least economical with a petrol engine is a 156 hp B200, of which the owner scores a consumption of 1 to 11.8 during more than 37,000 km.

How economical is the B with a diesel engine?

Less data is available for the B-class with diesel engine, but the data is nevertheless interesting. For example, the owner of this B 180 CDI BlueEfficiency drove more than 70,000 kilometers with a consumption of 1 in 19. On average, owners of a diesel B drive 1 in 17.9. The least economical B-class with diesel engine drives an average of 1 in 16, measured over a distance of 13,445 km.

Below the line, the B-class does not prove to be an economy miracle in practice. We have not yet discussed direct competitors in this section, but the Kia Niro proves that a hybrid powertrain in this segment really makes sense. There are also more economical players in the diesel field, for example, owners of a Renault Kadjar dCi drive an average of 1 in 19.7.


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