The 4 Best Discount Code Apps (That Will Save You Big Money)

In this time of sky-high inflation, it’s not just the fish that is paid dearly, because the costs are skyrocketing on all fronts. Good advice is also expensive, but not with iPhoned. That’s why we give you the 4 best apps for discount codes for free!

These are the 4 best discount code apps

Saving is currently more than just a good idea. For many people it has rather become a dire necessity. Every little bit helps and these four apps certainly do. Use it to your advantage!

1. Groupon: Discounts up to 83 percent

One of the best-known discount code apps is Groupon. You will not only find discounts for products, but also for hotels, restaurants, amusement parks and saunas. The number of offers is lower than many other discount code apps, but with Groupon the discounts can be as much as 83 percent. Definitely interesting to try out the app!


If you are looking for products such as a laptop holder or perhaps a new iPhone, you can of course search all of the Netherlands. Are you going for a sauna or restaurant? Then it is handy that you can view all discounts in the area via the ‘Local’ button.

2. Scoupy: discount back as cashback

Scoupy works a little differently than most apps for discount codes, because you get your discount afterwards as cashback. You buy a promotional product, photograph the receipt and then upload it to Scoupy. You will then receive the discount back into your account within 48 hours.


The discounts are on average somewhat lower than at Groupon, but the downside is that there are many more promotions at well-known webshops. Think of Mediamarkt, Perry Sport, HEMA, Douglas and H&M. They often also apply to all products from that webshop. For example, with Scoupy you can apply for cashback relatively often, so that your total discount can still increase considerably.

3. diverse offer is one of the most popular discount code apps. The basis is basically the same as Scoupy, but also collects attractive deals for you. This makes the offer quite diverse. From free channel packages for KPN customers, to discounts on train journeys and a cheap bag of potatoes at Lidl.

Pepper discount codes

You can search for products and see the best discounts. Unfortunately, it is not possible to browse to a certain category. It is handy that you can set up DealAlerts. Enter what you’re looking for and you’ll automatically be notified when an offer for that product appears.

4. Honey: automatically searches for discount codes

Honey is both an app and a browser extension that saves you money when shopping online. Honey automatically searches for discount codes and coupons as you shop. There are discounts for things like clothing, food, or booking travel. When Honey finds discount codes, they are applied immediately.

honey app

Honey Gold is the rewards program that allows you to collect ‘gold’ with every purchase, which you can later redeem for free gift cards. Although Honey is a lot bigger abroad, you can certainly find nice discounts in the Netherlands. We came across a 25 percent discount at Body and Fit and a 50 percent discount at Albelli. So worth keeping an eye on Honey.

Apps for discount codes and more

With the discount code apps we’ve described here, you can already get a lot of benefits. But this month is iPhoned It’s all about saving money, so we’ll show you many more ways to score big discounts. So keep a close eye on our theme page about Saving Money!

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