The Apple Watch Ultra can be submerged in water for much longer than you think

An Apple Watch Ultra can be submerged up to 100 meters under water. But how long can it last underwater? That sometimes turns out to be surprisingly long!

Apple Watch Ultra can be submerged under water for a long time

Amir Noorani from Texas accidentally discovered that the Apple Watch Ultra can survive underwater for up to three months. He was wearing his Apple Watch Ultra with a silicone strap when he went diving in Lake Travis in Texas and disaster struck.

When he was swimming about 10 meters under water, the strap suddenly came loose and his Apple Watch quickly disappeared to the bottom of the lake. He obviously searched there for a long time for the watch, but could no longer find it.

Found thanks to Lost Mode

Unable to do anything else, Noorani found the Lost mode activated. If someone found their Apple Watch Ultra, a message would at least be visible.

Apple Watch Ultra underwater

And his Apple Watch Ultra was indeed found again after no less than three months underwater. After a thorough cleaning, it initially seemed to no longer work, but after a few days on the charger the watch suddenly functioned as usual again. This says a lot about the build quality of the Apple Watch Ultra.

The moral of this story? There may be a lot more to your Apple products than you might think. Therefore, it is always a good idea to use the Find My app and add a contact so that potential finders can reach at least someone.

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